Top Convenience Store Insurance Options


Stores experience a decent amount of cash flow every year but at the same time, there are risks involved. Crime, vandalism, crashing economy, and other unexpected catastrophes can affect these stores adversely. The best way to secure yourself from any of these untimely losses is to get your store insured.

From general liability to property insurance, there are many different types of insurances convenience store owners can opt for. Here is a list of all the top insurance companies offering convenience store insurance:

1. AmTrust Financial

AmTrust Financial is a well tailored insurance solution provider that helps keep small businesses safe from unfortunate situations that might occur during their lifetime. AmTrust offers convenient store owners with commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, and business income insurance. They also provide small business owners with Workers’ compensation insurance.

They help store owners go through complicated insurance packages and decide the one that is best suited to their store’s specific needs. AmTrust Financial has helped plenty of small business owners and convenient store owners and is expanding their service options to other sectors as well.

2. AIA Insurance Agency

AIA Insurance is a well reputed insurance agency. They are a small team that are passionate about lending support to small businesses and convenient stores. AIA provides its clients with property coverage, including canopy, signage, Commercial Liability, Employee Dishonesty, Workers Compensation, Gasoline Coverage, Pollution Liability, and Liquor Liability. AIA, is dedicated to make lives easier for local business owners and protect them from vandalism and untimely catastrophes. They help owners go through every detail of their safety requirements and settle on the best possible service.

3. Bolt Insurance

BOLT Insurance is yet another major insurance provider that always looks out for everyone. BOLT covers almost all retail insurances. Their services include: General Liability, Business Owners Policy, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto, Commercial Umbrella, and Professional Liability.

Their new platform has evolved into a better interface for various different business owners that helps them choose the right insurance they need. Their mission is to protect small business owners from unfortunate events and unexpected risks.

4. Exceed Insurance

Exceed Insurance is another platform that provides small business owners with the right insurance they need. This company collects all the necessary data and has a diverse range of clients, from liquor stores to retail shop owners. They cover general liability insurance and property insurance. Exceed Insurance is widely known to give its clients a good service and always make sure that the safety needs of small business owners are met.

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