How To Hire Convenience Store Employees


Being the owner or hiring manager for your convenience store is a challenge, you already know how tough it is to bring aboard the best and most appropriate candidate in your company. Most people only look at convenience store jobs as temporary resting places while they look for better-paying jobs. This is true for both clerks as well as managers. So how can you find the ideal candidate when hiring for a convenience store job?

Well, once you get the resume or application of your prospective employee in hand, how do you sort through the applicants, especially going into a possible recession when there may be a plethora of qualified or over-qualified candidates. If that is the case then what’s the big deal? Every person today frames a professional resume or an application and every shortlisted candidate gives his or her best answers to win the employer’s heart in the interview. Therefore, it can be more challenging than one can presume to get the person you actually want.


Why you need only the best and most appropriate candidate?

Well, you might be running a convenience store that is in a high traffic area with a lot of daily customer interactions.  Businesses are run and managed by people, and to ascertain that the show goes on profitably, convenience stores need apt people able to deal with multiple rapidly changing tasks!

Studies show that a lot of customers prefer the stores where they are cordially treated, sensibly handled, and personally looked after by the people working there. A great example of this in the USA is done by QuikTrip. So, in its case all people there are encouraged to help their customers to their fullest by not just doing their job but by promoting the company culture. Their success very much explains why you need only the most adequate personnel for your business.

How to makes sure you get the right person?

This may sound a bit challenging, but it is not when looked into closely. Rather it is a step by step process!

The first and foremost step in the process of hiring a right person is to first know what profile you are hiring. This way you can actually catch up with what is expected from the person and the level of experience or qualifications desired to fit in the said role.

Then it is time to compile the job profile or job description and then either to publish it online or use our listing services at All the homework you did in the first step actually pays off at this time, when you see resumes and applications from qualified, experienced and talented candidates flowing in.


Best approached in the process of scrutiny

Once you have collected around ten resumes or applications, you can sit down and start to scrutinize the best and weed out the rest. This way, you are just simplifying your job for the interview day, i.e. calling forth only those candidates which sound most appropriate or fitting the desired job.

Make sure the candidates are taken through an influential and rigorous interview session and you are all the more likely to find someone who sounds like actually made for the job you are offering!

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